If your phone is stolen

  1. Immediately report the theft to the police and the phone operator. Reporting the theft will be used as your evidence of a missing mobile phone. That is important, if the thief abuses your phones mobile services, which would lead to shocking expenses at the end of the month. Only with evidence of a stolen phone can the operator exclude the service costs.
  2. Track it using installed tracking app: if you have installed tracking app then use it to track the phone’s location and take local police’s help to retrieve it.
  3. Report your lost phone to database of lost, stolen and found devices, Report your phone at www.3gadgets.com and set status to “lost/stolen” as soon as used mobile buyer’s network, resellers, insurers, law enforcement, and security professionals check suspicious gadgets against this database and as stolen/lost mobile is located, you’ll be intimated with required information’s. Doesn’t matter when did u lost it, register there you still have hope and you can defiantly avoid misuse of your lost mobile. it might help even if you had not installed any tracking software or app.

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